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Workshops/ Services

We offers custom calligraphy for your wedding, special event, or just for fun. 

A handwritten design can give your event or personal branding the personal touch that sets you apart from everyone else. It also adds a uniquely beautiful aspect to the written words.

Contact us on Instagram to get started with your custom calligraphy design piece.

Besides, we do provide Brush Pen Lettering Workshop which perfect for beginners.

In this class you will learn how to hold and use your brush pen, pressure techniques, brush strokes that make up letters, tips on connecting, bounce style lettering and most important, you'll get to know your weakness so yo can improve it to get better.

Materials for this workshop include:  

1 Paperink Brush Pen Lettering Workbook

2 Pentel Brush Pen

2 Watercolor Paper Sheets

1 Photo Frames

10 pieces of Grid Practice Papers

You do not need to bring anything else to the workshop, just yourself.

Contact us on Instagram to get started your calligraphy journey!